Learning Information
Management Environment

LIMe – Our ‘Portable Power Tool’

LIMe is a dynamic e –learning application which enables the non-technical subject matter expert to be in control of the learning process. All aspects of learning can be managed centrally within the LIMe environment; enabling collaboration from anywhere on any mobile device with internet access. With on demand, real time and flexible ad hoc reporting and an intuitive easy to use interface, LIMe delivers outstanding reliability and uptime performance.

Content Authoring

Content Authoring &
Course Development

Customized Workflow

Customized Workflow & Audit Trail


Cross Platform & Industry/SCORM Compliant


Management of Users
& Roles


On demand, Ad Hoc Reporting


Configured to your
Business Process


Customized Branding & Reporting


Discussion Boards

Learning at your pace –
anywhere at any time.

Our LIMe platform is easy to use and enables your learners to take their courses on the go. Your learners can enroll in courses, track their individual progress, view personal grades and complete all necessary courses. From desktops to tablets to smartphones, LIMe is optimized to let your learners train on a schedule that works best for them.

An intuitive interface for administrators & learners

LIME provides a flexible online learning environment tailored to your organizational needs and caters to a wide variety of learning styles. LIMe makes it easy to add and access course materials from many different sources and can track certifications and mandatory courses required for your job definition to ensure regulatory and occupational compliance.

With LIMe
you can...

  • Customize your app to meet specific requirements
  • Easily create content
  • Set up your courses with multiple lessons and sessions
  • Be fully SCORM Compliant (import & export)
  • Create tests with different question types
  • Keep track of your learners, admins, courses & certificates
  • Create roles as educational requirements
  • Specify access and abilities with user types
  • Customized corporate branding
  • Easily register as a learner for courses, track your tests and course results
  • Participate in discussion forums
  • Deploy and use LIMe on a wide range of mobile devices


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