Collaborative Online Policies
& Procedures System

Collaborative Online Policies & Procedures

COPPS is a revolutionary online tool Clarity designed to enable authors to create, import, track and store policy documents in an easy to use, easy to learn policy portal that ensures a controlled and documented methodology of releasing policies and tracking changes and updates.

Enhance Personnel & Organizational Performance

The true goal of any well designed Quality Assurance (QA) program is to help ensure every office/facility works in the most efficient and accountable manner possible by creating a consistent set of organizational guidelines to prevent negative issues from occurring. The COPPS program solution significantly heightens your ability to improve overall organizational performance within critical areas of operation, by employing our easy to use online methodology for authoring, publishing and updating your policies and procedures tailored to meet the unique needs of your organizational and operational structure.

Make Collaborating with Controlled Documents Effortless

Organizational and operational policies are and must remain controlled documents at all times, with access to specific areas of content available for input by authorized personnel only. This feedback and input must also work within a controlled environment to ensure unauthorized personnel cannot alter operational policy regulations. COPPS enables you to safely send a draft policy out for comments and input, ensuring the confidentiality and control of this documentation is always maintained. Additionally, COPPS tracks the workflow and provides a detailed audit trail for the approval and posting of policies.

Never Compromise Control or Security

Integral to the QA process is to clearly define, communicate and disseminate your organization’s policies and procedures. Traditionally, this has been a time consuming, challenging process for those in charge of facilitating QA directives. COPPS provides an easy and efficient method to distribute your organization’s internal policies and procedures between multiple areas and facilities, without compromising the control and security of this confidential information.

you can...

  • Define, Communicate & Effectively Disseminate Enterprise Policies/Procedures
  • Easily Ensure Control & Security of Confidential Policies/Procedures
  • Imports Current, Historical & Archived Policies/Procedures
  • Personalize the Graphic Layout and Design for Your Custom Program Templates
  • Effortlessly Author, Publish & Update New and Existing QA Directives
  • Improve Operational Efficiency & Performance Results

Discover the many advantages that COPPS can bring to your organization to improve overall efficiency and performance – without incurring the traditionally high cost in senior management manpower and operational productivity.


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