Solving a Problem Before It Begins!

  • By: N.J. Jones
  • November08, 2016
  • 3 Min Read

As many organizations already know, Google is discontinuing their Google Search Appliance service in 2018. As a result, our clients are searching for the very best replacement intranet search engine option available, with the goal of installing and implementing a new solution now to ensure there is no interruption of service throughout their organization.

Anticipating this real and time sensitive need, Clarity.ca (Clarity) explored the viable intranet search engine solutions that would meet our clients’ needs both functionally and technically. Through our research we determined that Elasticsearch best fulfills the comprehensive operational requirements of our clients. Elasticsearch is a free, open-source solution (supported by Apache) that offers a distributed, multitenant-capable full text search engine (with an HTTP web interface and schema-free JSON documents).

“This customization option enables each of our clients to further enhance their users experience by tailoring industry / organization specific search variables...”

The first client we worked with to successfully implement this new solution was Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Sunnybrook). Part of the front-end analysis process included Clarity identifying and modifying specific search options that best met Sunnybrook’s unique users’ needs. This customization option enables each of our clients to further enhance their users experience by tailoring industry/organization specific search variables to locate critical data more easily and quickly. This project has enabled Sunnybrook to continue to provide their 10,000 health care professionals across 3 campuses with an easy to use, efficient and customized intranet search engine tool to support their singular goal to provide absolute excellence in care to the 1.2 million patients they serve every year.

To discover how Clarity can help you quickly and cost efficiently customize and implement this intranet software solution for your organization contact us at (403) 705-5906 or email us at info@clarity.ca.

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