By: N.J. Jones

December 08, 2016

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Since its inception, guests have relied on the gaming industry to help create their perfect getaway! Tapping into our imaginations to create the stuff vacation dreams are made of – casinos offer guests an exciting, entertainment filled experience that’s tailored to their individual preferences.

Of course, this is no easy task. Every aspect of a guests’ experience is carefully considered and implemented within a multi-faceted facility thoughtfully designed to anticipate and meet each guests every need. This means that many highly skilled professionals from a wide variety of industries are united with one common goal – to use their specialized expertise to best serve their guests.

“[...] their training program must be just as thoughtfully designed to provide an incredibly diverse team of top professionals with easy access to the current and critical information they need [...]”

A truly effective software solution that can meet the unique training requirements of such a complex organization is a robust and flexible Learning Management System (LMS) – with a few of the key program features ‘must-haves’ including:

  • Using an intuitive, easy to use interface that administrators, managers and employees can navigate effortlessly;
  • Having the ability to develop specialized training modules (with mobile access) for a broad range of guest service industries;
  • Successfully managing a large, highly secured confidential guest record/database;
  • Enabling quick access to any information that a user is authorized to retrieve (e.g., different levels of guest data, internal policies and procedures, etc.);
  • Providing on-demand, real time ad hoc reporting (including the ability to store and/or forward specific reporting documentation to pre-authorized personnel and/or outside regulatory agencies); and
  • Employing a software solution that ensures outstanding reliability and uptime performance.

Equally important to tracking third party information, is having the ability to verify that your third party learners’ compliance remains current and top of mind. LIMe Comply helps you do just that by mitigating risk, authenticating users and delivering training easily to ensure all your personnel (in or out of your Active Directory) are actively cultivating a safe and secure work environment.

Third party users can connect to the LMS through the app, review courses and take a short test to confirm that they understand the content. Clarity’s new software solution for third party personnel is a great example of using an innovative approach to manage information, facilitate effective learning and ensure compliance standards are always sustained with measurable results.

LIMe Comply saves you time, resources and money, and simplifies how you promote individual accountability in your organization. With on demand, real time and flexible ad hoc reporting and an intuitive easy to use interface, it delivers the outstanding reliability and uptime performance you’re looking for!

To see a demo or to learn more about how can provide you with the other exceptional software solutions your organization is looking for, please contact us at or call us at (403) 705-5906.

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